Fountain Arts center has a new name and a bigger family!

A DanceArt Academy Studio


Fountain Arts Center opened  in August of 2004. Fountain Arts was purchased by a new owner and has now became A DanceArt Academy Studio! DanceArt Academy is a multi-location dance studio that has been open for 7 years.

DanceArt Academy was created to provide a welcoming atmosphere to students of all levels. Encouragement is key for children to grow and thrive.  At DanceArt Academy, our mission is to thoroughly and professionally train each individual in dance as well as other performing arts. We believe everyone should be given a chance to dance.  We strive for excellence in all areas and through encouragement, joy, inspiration, and celebration, beautiful artists emerge.

We are family friendly, non-competitive and age appropriate in our teaching, music, costuming and choreography. We LOVE serving our community. We strive to provide excellent instruction in dance, music and karate education to the novice or experienced artist.


Our program includes:

*Age appropriate choreography and costuming

*Friends and fun

*Performance opportunities for all students

*Positive and encouraging atmosphere

*Family values

*Office staff to assist you

*Community service opportunities

*Class viewing system

*Lessons for a life time